When the global pandemic put the world at a standstill in 2020, no one knew what to expect. Hardly anyone anticipated how drastically it would change lives, prompting people to work from home and students to take their classes online. Thousands of businesses closed, leaving a significant percentage of the workforce unemployed. Even today, over a year later, COVID-19 is showing no signs of slowing down despite vaccination efforts worldwide.

Businesses have had to reconfigure their infrastructure to adapt to a new “normal”, focusing on infection prevention and the implementation of social distancing guidelines. Hard decisions have had to be made, employees have been laid off, marketing budgets have been slashed, and technology innovations have had to be integrated into operations, perhaps even before the infrastructure to support it was in place.

Businesses in North Carolina can take comfort in the fact that McKeeman Communications, a PR firm with locations in Raleigh, Charlotte, and Nashville, can help them build and maintain relationships with their target audiences amidst a pandemic that’s keeping on-site brand interactions at bay. Here are some ways that PR firms can help businesses stay relevant during these trying times:

Drive Community Engagement

PR firms can help build campaigns focused on supporting essential local businesses. For example, they can encourage consumers to keep ordering takeout from restaurants that are not allowed to take on dine-in customers. PR firms can also organize online events to raise funds for health workers on the front lines in the local community.

To drive community engagement, businesses should work with a local PR firm. McKeeman Communications is a PR firm serving Raleigh and Charlotte NC, as well as Nashville, TN; they know that inspired-partnerships in local communities helps set businesses apart, while also creating purpose-driven results.

Establish An Online Presence

With most people staying at home, social media has become everyone’s lifeline, connecting them with the outside world. Whether it’s on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or even TikTok, it has become imperative for brands to have an online presence to maintain brand awareness and engagement. For retailers, this has also meant setting up an e-commerce site since brick and mortar stores receive minimal foot traffic. Some restaurants have even gone out of their way to develop apps to support online ordering and delivery services.

A PR firm can help businesses manage their social media accounts, creating daily content and handling consumer feedback on their behalf.

Build A Network of Brand Influencers

Influencers are the new celebrities. They cater to specific niches (travel, parenting, beauty, technology, food, or fashion to name a few) and the content they create have gained them highly engaged followers ranging from thousands to over a million individuals.

PR firms can connect businesses with influencers relevant to their area and target audience. They can help increase engagement and equip influencers with tools to maximize interaction across platforms.

Host Virtual Events

A PR firm can help businesses host a glamorous virtual fundraiser, product launches, musical performances, fashion shows or even craft parties. A PR firm can also help businesses establish thought-leadership by organizing webinars and virtual industry summits. The possibilities are endless.

Businesses should select a PR firm with care as their long-term survival could depend on how they are able to build and grow their customer base, especially during a global pandemic.

Businesses searching online for either “PR Firms in Raleigh, NC”, “PR Firms in Nashville”, or “PR Firms in Charlotte, NC” can easily Google “PR firms near me” to find the McKeeman Communications location closest to them. McKeeman Communications works with companies that are experiencing rapid growth or change, localizing messaging to build awareness and trust for their brand. Please call (866) 341-2650 or email info@mckeemanpr.com to learn more.

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