Long Island Criminal Lawyer Jason Bassett Explains What Domestic Violence Is in New York

Long Island criminal lawyer Jason Bassett (https://jbassettlaw.com/long-island-criminal-lawyer-explains-what-is-domestic-violence-in-new-york/) of Criminal Attorney Jason Bassett has released an informative article detailing what domestic violence is in New York. The article is designed to educate individuals on what constitutes domestic violence and the potential consequences of being charged with such an offense.

In the article, the Long Island Criminal Lawyer explains that domestic violence encompasses “a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship.” He goes on to note that false accusations of domestic violence are not uncommon and may stem from motives such as jealousy, revenge, or a pending divorce.

According to the Long Island Criminal Lawyer, New York takes allegations of domestic violence seriously, with prosecutors seeking maximum penalties for those accused of such offenses. The article explains that domestic violence is considered a “family offense” in New York, with charges being brought in both family and criminal courts. The charges that may be brought include physical and sexual assault, physical restraint or imprisonment, threats of violence, psychological threats, threats of economic abuse, verbal abuse and intimidation, stalking, harassment, and more.

Bassett also highlights that the definition of intimate relationships that fall under domestic violence laws is broad and includes married and divorced couples, domestic partnerships, same-sex couples, dating couples, people who have children in common (including adopted children), people who have lived together for an extended period, family members related by blood or marriage, and more.

While recent reforms to New York domestic violence laws have made it easier for legitimate victims to bring charges and seek protection, Bassett notes that the broad scope of the definition of domestic violence and mandatory arrest policies enacted have resulted in numerous false charges brought against innocent people. As such, anyone accused of domestic violence is urged to seek the representation of an experienced New York domestic violence attorney.

In Bassett’s own words, “Because domestic violence charges carry severe penalties and may impact an individual for the rest of his or her life, it’s critical for anyone accused to get the representation of an experienced New York domestic violence attorney.” He goes on to state that his firm, the Law Offices of Jason Bassett, offers a free consultation for anyone accused of domestic violence in New York.

Jason Bassett’s comprehensive article on domestic violence in New York provides a valuable resource for anyone seeking to understand the nuances of domestic violence charges in the state. The article serves as a reminder that false accusations of domestic violence are not uncommon and that anyone facing such charges should seek the representation of an experienced attorney.

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